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Call: FO/W7GJ | Loc: BG37oi | Date: 2021-10-15 - 2021-10-24 | Activity: EME-MIXED | Band: 50-MIXED | Updated: 2020-06-29 18:22 | Status: Planned

Timatara in the Austral Islands of French Polynesia
LATEST NEWS by Lance, W7GJ, dated 2020-06-29:



Because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, we regret that the W7GJ 6m EME DXpedition to FO/A and FO/M and the KB7Q 2m EME DXpedition to FO/M must be delayed until 2021. Lodging reservations already have been changed, and we are in the process of revising the licensing and equipment importation authorizations.

The APPROXIMATE dates for the new DXpeditions are:

FO/A (6m only) - October 15-24, 2021

FO/M (TX7MB on 2m and 6m) - October 26-November 4, 2021

Exact dates and operating schedules will be posted on my website after September 2020, when airline reservation dates for 2021 become available:

We are looking forward to contacting you and hope that this unfortunate delay provides you with any extra time you may need to improve your station to get ready for the FO DXpedition!

GL and VY 73, Lance

NEWS by Lance, W7GJ:

All the airline tickets have now been purchased, the licenses received and the lodgings confirmed. Degradation during the solo FO/A operation is slightly higher than optimum, but previous trips have demonstrated that those days should still be productive. In addition, the negative horizon in FO/A should provide good common moon windows just about everywhere, and some very low ground gain lobes when the moon is at or just below the horizon. I hope to be able to be QRV for 8 full moon passes. If I can stay awake during the late afternoons, I hope to be QRV for TEP in the event there is any such propagation that early in the year. The QTH in the Austral Islands looks like it may be situated favorably for TEP. I hope to have periodic access to the internet to update my website with stations worked.

If you are a horizon-only station in Region 2, we have many windows during your moonsets. Please just concentrate on calling when my moon is below 65 degrees elevation (shown on my Proposed Operating Schedules). Thanks for your interest and support!

GL and VY 73, Lance